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Q1: What wigs can I choose from?

Answer: Upart wig: Mimics a traditional sew in, requires hair leave out.

Closure Wig: Lace closure: Popular and beginner friendly. Covers one 4x4 part of your head.

Lace frontal Wig: Popular and covers the entirety of the front of your head from ear to ear.

Q2: What does wig construction include?

Answer: Wig construction includes your purchased wig construction service, plucking, and styling.

Q3: How long does a wig last?

Answer: A wig constructed by us will last over a year, however, don't mistake the construction of the wig with the quality of your hair. We can only affirm that hair and wig construction purchased from The Headline will last over a year.

Q4: When will I get my wig?

Answer: Please allow up to 15 business days turn around time for wig construction from your initial payment. If you need your wig done in a shorter amount of time, (3 business days for upart/lace closure, 5 business days for lace frontal) is an additional $50.

Q5: Can I send hair purchased from another supplier to The Headline for wig construction?

Answer: Yes. Purchase the wig services and any additional styling services online.

Q6: How are your wigs made?

Answer: Our wigs are made by hand on a standard wig cap.

Q7: How many bundles can I send in?

Answer: You can send in up to 4 bundles and a closure/frontal for price stated. Any additional bundles are $15 each.

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