The question that has been asked a million times. The question of all questions. Our virgin brazilian 13x5 frontals will put this question to rest. Our undetectable frontals go from ear to ear, giving you ultimate styling flexibility while giving your natural hair a break. Since our frontals come pre plucked with baby hairs, there is minimal effort needed to be worn. Of course, you can customize our frontals further by additional plucking and bleaching of knots. Add one to your cart to complete your cover shot.

WHAT FRONTAL?- Frontal - Wavy

  • -Detangle your hair from the bottom up using a wide tooth comb

    -Do not overly use product containing sulfates or perfumes.

    -For ultimate moisture retention, shampoo bi weekly, wash with conditioner weekly with lukewarm water

    -Always detangle your hair before you wash

    -For wavy and curly textures, use a spray bottle and a diffuser for defined curls and waves.

    -Let your hair air dry to minimize heat damage

    -Always use a heat protectant while using heat tools

    -Always consult a hair stylist if you are unsure about any actions you want to take with your hair.

  • You will receive your order within 5-7 business days, excluding holidays.

    We will email your tracking number once your hair has been shipped. We do not ship on weekends.


    We do not anticipate any problems or issues with our hair, so there are absolutely no returns with purchasing our hair. However, please send us an email regarding any questions regarding your extentions.

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